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45% of Americans believe that real estate is the most favorable for long-term investment.


Everyone wants to own a house and but only a few people know how to buy a property for the wealth creation purpose.


However, the sad reality is people don't know how to manage money for buying real estate property and paying off the loan.


$14 trillion is the total household debt in the USA. That's so huge!


Here are the list of 18 videos of the course:


Introduction What is Real Estate Investing

Types of Real Estate Investing

Purpose of Investing in Real Estate

Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate

Six Best Ways to Identify Location

How to Plan for Buying Real Estate Investing

Importance of Credit Score

Types of Loans

Five Useful Things to Know

Six Important Steps to Follow

Wealth Creation from Real Estate Investing and so on.

Real Estate Investment course for financial freedom

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